Pleasant Palghar OPPORTUNITIES Pleasant Palghar

Newly carved out of the Thane district, Palghar consists of eight talukas. It is rich in natural resources, bio-diversity, seafood, forest reserves, beaches and manpower. The list is endless, but here are some of the top reasons that make the 36th district of Maharashtra such a lucrative investment option!

Did you know that…

India’s first atomic power plant is located at Tarapur in Palghar?
That Boisar is one of Maharashtra's largest industrial areas?
BIDCO is a thriving industrial base?
Palghar is home to the largest MIDC of the state?
Global companies like Raymond, TATA Steel, and JSW Steel have their industrial units here?
Or that Satpati is Maharashtra’s largest fishing port?
And that Dahanu has a special annual Chickoo festival at Bordi beach?

All of these together have made Palghar an employment hub with a working population of approximately 1.5 lakh people! And this is just the beginning.


The location of the district is very strategic as it is very close to financial capital-Mumbai as well as accessible from Ahmadabad. Another major cities like Thane and Nasik are also very close to it. It is on the Mumbai-Ahmadabad Highway.  Bullet train is going through the district which will bring the industrial towns like  Mumbai, Surat and Ahmadabad closer to Palghar. The government had also planned to develop the Vadhvan port to export the products from Palghar.


The Mumbai-Ahmadabad bullet train project will enhance the livelihood of the Palghar district. The district has large tribal population, is likely to see development in social and infrastructure sectors under Palghar development corridor. This corridor will add values to the lives of the people and will bring prosperity and development. This bullet train corridor also focuses increasing livelihood opportunities, such as forming agriculture groups, farmer companies, and ensuring end-to-end mechanism for farm products. It also includes development of adolescent girls, and bringing down malnutrition and infant mortality rate.  Of the total 508-km railway line, around 108 km will pass through 73 villages. The corridor will not only cover the 73 villages, but also 85 villages around them.


Farming is a primary business in the district. Apart from this the district is developing as industrial district and many companies are interested to invest here. There are textile industry, steel plant, port. Even there is a scope for export of fish and farm products like CHICKOO and betel nuts. The government is developing Wadhvan port and the Mumbai-Baroda expressway. The modes of communication are necessary for the overall growth, that will help the business.


Palghar is known for the fruit plantations. CHICKOOs from Gholwad, Mangoes, Lichi from Dahanu are the main plantations here. Betel nut and Pan malas are also huge plantation these betels and Pans has been exported for years and years to the middle east countries.  Palghar is a showcase of rural life and the tribal. The tribal are known for using medicinal plants. In the dense forest of Palghar there are various species of the medicinal plants


A Sanskrit saying, "Atithi Devo Bhavah" (meaning "the Guest is God") is perhaps a more pronounced manta on how to treat guests. Hotel industry can be developed in Palghar as it is becoming tourist destination and industrial hub. The district is on the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra and accessible from Mumbai, Surat, Ahmadabad and also from Diu Daman. Luxury residential hotels are requirement of the tourist as well as the company executive, who came here on business tour. 


The tropical and desert climates provide relief from cold and dreary winters and the moderate mountain climates provide relief from hot and humid summers. Resorts here are offering relief from smog and congestion. Tourist companies have a huge scope to expand their business here. The tourist also needs good facilities to enjoy luxurious hotels and resorts can be developed here as business.


As developing various industries in the district job opportunities are there. People are migrating here in search of the livelihood and they also need accommodation. It is a good opportunity for developers and investors to invest in real estate. 


Palghar is a always a hot destination for the tourists because of nature, fort, waterfall, dams and farming. Tourist companies have a huge scope to expand their business here.

Palghar is a place where the god gifted a pleasant nature for whole year. Each season in Palghar is pleasant and fascinating. There are various types of trees, mountains, historical fort, religious places of all the religion. Deherje, Surya, Pinjal, Tansa, Vaitarana these major rivers passes through the district having Deherje, Kavdas, Dhamani, Vandri, dams. It has 112 K.M of sea coast.


As scenic views and historical places, many film producers are finding locations here to shoot their films. Places in Mumbai are getting crowded and it’s becoming difficult to shoot films in crowded places thus, the film makers are preferring Palghar.


Except Palghar and Vasai taluka all the other six talukas are tribal population. As the tribal had a lack of education there are many problems, which they are facing in their day to day life. There is less literacy, malnutrition among the children, water scarcity in Adivasi pada (hamlets). NGOs or corporate companies have great scope for social work. They can work in educational field, providing mid-day meal to the children, health services for woman and child. There is a scope to work in water cultivation. Agriculture companies can develop farms through the CSR funds or create awareness among the farmers regarding advanced farming.