Pleasant Palghar Experience Tribal Pleasant Palghar

Tribal Tourism gives you an opportunity to visit tribal villages and understand a culture that’s completely different from yours. You can learn about tribal textile, tribal food, tribal fashion, tribal information, tribal communication, tribal agriculture, tribal travel, tribal energy, tribal sport, and tribal science.

The pleasant district of Palghar boasts of a rich tribal culture. Their Warli paintings are celebrated across the globe! Tribal tourism is a great way for the tribe to share their learning’s and culture with the world, and it also helps them sustain. The Warli Art festival is a must-visit in Pleasant Palghar. You can essentially learn about their history, dine with them, experience their daily life firstand also understand how the Warli paintings came to be.


Ganjad is the native village of Jivya Soma Mashe, the artist who popularised Warli paintings the world over. It is situated near Dahanu, and is about 150 km northwards from Mumbai.

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Just like Jivya belongs to Ganjad, another great Warli artist Sanjay Parhad belongs to Vangaon, a village in Dahanu taluka. Sanjay Parhad was born and brought up here.

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Kelichapada is a unique tourist spot, where all tourism services are provided by the Kelichapada villagers. The entire tourism activity is hosted by the local tribal communities.

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