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India is filled with stories of war, victory and a whole different way of life. Filled with historical monuments, tourists will have the time of their life!

Vasai Fort

Vasai fort was built by Sardar Bhandari Bhendale in 1414. It is the smallest of all forts in the region. Sultan of Gujarat captured the fort in 1530. Portuguese understood the strategic importance of the fort and captured it in 1534.

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Arnala Fort

This Jaldurg, built on a small island, itself attracts a lot of tourists. The fort is strategically located at the mouth of Vaitarna river. There are a lot of interesting things to see inside the fort.

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Shirgaon Fort

This fort was built by Yadavas of Devgiri in 1225 A.D. This majestic fort is bound to attract a lot of picnic goers regularly. It is located in Shirgaon village, 7 km from Kelva Beach and 5 km from Palghar city.

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Tarapur Fort

Tarapur fort was built by the Portuguese, but won by the Marathas later on. The Tarapur fort, with wells and gardens within, was given as a gift by the Peshwas to Vikaji Mehrji for a hundred years.

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