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The splendid cultural heritage of India makes it synonymous to a precious destination worth preserving. Just a peep into the rich history of the nation, that has existed for thousands of years, makes us realise its significance.

Zoom in to a corner of Maharashtra and you will see Palghar district that is a delightful mix of 12 different cultures. Each culture brings its own unique tradition of businesses, cuisines, festivals.

Palghar has been gifted with both beauty and diversity of art forms such as Warli and Tarpa, besides virgin beaches, dense forests, waterfalls, ancient monuments, forts, and palaces. Through centuries, the tribes settled in this land have styled their diverse cultural practices, food products and cuisine, craft, and businesses in such a way that they can protect the environment from getting polluted. This has also made Palghar a spiritual destination.

MTDC has encouraged and developed several engaging tourism activities such as nature trails, fairs, and festivals to truly celebrate the unique tribal culture here.

Visit Palghar. Experience Palghar!


Palghar has its own way to celebrate theunique tribal culture with the most prominent castes such as Warli (Adiwasi), Katkari, Vanjari, Vadval and Malhar Koli living in perfect harmony with others like Paanmali, Bhandari, Agri, and Kudal, Christian, and Parsis.


The illustrious Warli tribe whose paintings have charmed the entire world have their origin in Palghar. The mesmerising Tarpa dance is also part of Warli culture. The tribe has been here for nearly 10 centuries, and has influence overall the other cultures which came here later.


Vanjaris, the natives of Chittodgad, Rajasthan, came here to escape Muslim harassment, settled here for its trade prospects. They speak a Marathi laden with Rajasthani and Gujarati phrases and terms.


A rare Marathi-speaking community, the Vadval is a tribe that succeeds Devagiri’s Yadav dynasty. Its arrival here too is a result of Muslim invasion. It is the largest community in Palghar.


Koli is a fishermen community. They majorly cater to the fish trade and food requirements of Palghar and surrounding areas. They are a major attraction in Palghar’s cultural events.


Katkaris are basically a labour community among Palghar tribals. Th people of this tribe are known for the fine masks they can make from wood and paper pulp. Of the 4 types of dances they perform during their annual festivals is a Mukhauta Dance, in which they choose from the masks of 52 types of gods and goddesses.

Fairs and Festivals

Palghar is a melting pot of different cultures that have learnt to live together over hundreds of centuries. That is the reason why there’s always something interesting to experience in Palghar. From culture to adventure, places to see, and an old way of life to explore, you’ll be making memories with every step you take.

Here are some of the most interesting festivals here.

Chickoo and Organic Festival

A festival that is rapidly gaining popularity among world tourists is the amazing Chickoo Festival. This takes place in Bordi, a small and beautiful village in the pleasant district of Palghar. The festival was organised in the year 2013 for the first time and, looking at the admiration it drew, has become a ritual ever since. The delicious fruit, Chikoo, can be enjoyed in the form of a shake, Chikoo Ice-cream, Chikoo Sharbat, and even Chikoo Chips. The amiable and receptive villagers sure know how to make people remember the event, which also has a 4 km marathon, tribal folk dance, and visits to the fruit orchards. The local entrepreneurship flourishes when the visiting tourists shop at the bazaar and make the most of this two-day programme.

Kupari Festival

Filled with colour and dance, the Kupari festival celebrates the culture of the Samvedi society. It is an ancient Brahmin society that has been in Vasai for over 2500 years. This community majorly deals in agriculture produce and milk products. After the Portuguese invasion, many people of this community had adopted Christianity. That’s how they got the name Kupari, which means to cooperate. Over the years, their culture and festivals have survived to bring happiness to thousands of visitors.

Vasai Vijayotsav

Celebrated in the famous Vasai Fort, the annual celebration of this festival is the commemoration of a historic event. It is a proud reminder of how Narveer Chimaji Appa, a great warrior and strategizer, won back the Vasai fort from the Portuguese. The locals begin the festival by worshipping Chimaji’s statue, followed by a rally and staging of a historical play. The market bustles with traditional food stalls, fort miniatures are sold along with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Some of the other famous festivals include the Vadval Festival, the Jawhar Festival and the Agri Festival. This affable tribal land offers so many different opportunities to help you embrace the local culture. These festivals are some of the keys to unlock that great experience. Therefore, visit Palghar. Experience Palghar.