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The speciality of Palghar cuisines, Vadval, gets its uniqueness from the local vegetable produce. Its food festivals offer rare fish pickles and chutneys. There are several varieties of dishes, some of which are:

  • - Panmodi (Saweli) - a steamed mix of grated cucumber, jaggery, rice flour.
  • - Aambil - an energy food that contains fermented jowar or sorghum flour.
  • - Indel - a special preparation of Marinated Chicken by Vasai's Christians.
  • - Ubad handi - marinated chicken wrapped in a special leaf is put in an earthen pot sealed with leaves. The cooking is done by lighting fire on top of the earthen pot.
  • - Thankuli - Sugar/Jaggery/Sweet Tadi mixed with fermented rice flour is cooked on steam.
  • - Patoli – Marinated pieces of fish are wrapped in a palas leaves and roasted in fire.

Vadval Food

Vadval food is a lot like Konkani or Malvani food, with a few differences. Vadval food does not take coconut as generously as Malvani dishes do. Similarly, Vadval is slightly tangier and spicier; Malvani uses kokkam, while Vadval uses tamarind. The local vegetable produce adds a lot of uniqueness to the Vadval food.

Vadval food festivals in Vasai-Virar area offer some of the rare fish pickles and variety ofchutneys. It is when you visit these fests that you realise that the Vadval food variety does not end at Kombdi Vade and Bombil Fry, but even goes on to serve vegetarian dishes such as Vaalachi Mutki, Aloocha Phadphada, Shevalaachi Aamti, Aloo Vadi and Kobichi Vadi.

Chicken Poha Bhujing

Another delicious speciality of this place is Chicken Poha Bhujing. Bhujing was first created at Agashi Bhujing Centre in 1940 in an area called Agashi near Virar.

Today Bhujing is prepared at several places across Mumbai, but the one at Agashi Building, where it originated, is still unparalleled. In this, chicken is cut into small pieces and is first dry marinated with potato pieces and then cooked elaborately into a spice mix of jeera (cumin), turmeric, salt, and coriander seeds, dry ground coarse powder of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, garlic, green chillies and dry coconut. Finally, the nylon poha, that’s supposed to be the best quality of poha, is mixed with this cooked chicken to serve an exceptionally sumptuous Chicken Poha Bhujing.